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Health Insurance Agent vs. Insurance Consultant

You know that considering the increasing hospital expenses you need to have a health cover.  But you are confused as to which one you need to approach.

First let us explain what the difference between the two is ::

    Insurance Agent –

 A health Insurance agent is an individual who represents a particular health insurance company and is generally well aware of the different polices and packages that the company has to offer.

    Insurance Consultant –

A Consultant is a firm that has many health insurance companies’ policies to offer to you. The health insurance Consultant represents you and not any particular insurance company, and therefore compares different health insurance company policies for you and helps choose the best one according to your requirement.

Now we give you a comparison, on basic grounds, between a Consultant and an agent, with reference to what they can offer you and what are their handicaps.

    Individual/Personal attention

Insurance Agent–

A health insurance agent is by and large an individual, catering to a limited number of clients, all within his immediate and personal reach. Therefore, when you deal with an health insurance agent you will receive highly individualistic and personalized attention.
Insurance Consultant –

Independent Insurance Consultants are generally organizations; therefore, while they may score on professionalism, you will probably miss the individualistic and personalized attention an agent can give you.


Insurance Agent –

A health Insurance agent represents only one particular health insurance company therefore his primary concern is with that company and the number of policies that he sells. Your interest and need is not primary to him.
Insurance Consultant -

 For a health insurance Consultant his primary interest is with the consumer and his needs. He represents the consumer not any health insurance company. Consultants are not concerned with any particular health insurance company as he gets paid by them all so when recommending a product, they will only have your interests in mind. They offer you a platform for thorough comparison and then help you to decide.

    Knowledge and experience

Insurance Agent –

 To become a health insurance agent an individual has to pass an exam and though that personally gives him a fair knowledge about insurance and subsequent in-house trainings provide knowledge of his company’s health insurance policies, he does not have knowledge of other health insurance company policies.
Insurance Consultant –

Since a health insurance Consultant sells policies of all companies, he has knowledge of them all giving you a wider spectrum of choice and details. Also to become a Consultant the organization needs to obtain a license which is not easy and involves a lot of stringent criteria that in the process gives the health insurance Consultant more insights than an agent. A Consultant, unlike an agent, is under the purview of audit and other compliances of IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) which makes the Consultantage firm more accountable.

    Credibility and comparison

Insurance Agent –

Since an agent only sells one company’s products, he may not divulge the negative aspects of his products. He could refrain from highlighting the drawbacks to sell the policies. Therefore you cannot be 100% sure if an agent says everything you need to know. It is therefore mandatory that you check the policy wordings yourself before reaching a decision.

Insurance Consultant –

A health insurance Consultant on the other hand favors no company and will give you an unbiased comparison of different policies. You can look at all the different aspects and then make a decision. Though it is possible that a Consultant has so many policies that he may not know each in as much detail as an health insurance agent but in terms of credibility you can be sure that a Consultant will not hide facts from you as he will achieve nothing by favoring one company.


Insurance Agent –

 Most health insurance agents are generally insurance agents who also happen to sell health insurance along with other insurance products. They may or may not understand health insurance per se in complete detail. This could prove dangerous to you, as the consumer, because health coverage needs to be done with utmost care.
Insurance Consultants –

There are Health insurance Consultant organizations that are specialized in the field of health insurance. These Consultantage firms usually primarily sell only health insurance policies so they are well aware of what the consumer wants and what they have to offer in the health insurance sphere.

    Negotiation on your behalf

Insurance Agent –

An health insurance agent can only present your case as is, at best, should there be a situation where you are not in agreement with any decision of the insurance company.
Insurance Consultant –

A health insuranec Consultant, because of their stronger domain knowledge, can negotiate better with the health insurance company. So if you go through a Consultant you are a better position to get a more scientific resolution of with your needs.

    Insurance Services

Insurance Agent –

Health insurance agents are usually single individuals who sell the company’s products to you. As an individual they are handicapped in many ways, like he may not be able to heed to your needs immediately if he is busy elsewhere.
Insurance Consultant –

Health insurance Consultants being organizations can afford to provide you with more services as they have more people and tend to be more systematic. They have a wider geographical reach compared to agents and are also usually associated with a team of experts from health insurance and medical back ground. There are health insurance Consultants who have dedicated teams to take care of cashless claims co-ordination, reimbursement claims processing and each such area of health insurance process.

    Escalations within insurance company

Insurance Agent –

A health insurance agent’s exposure to his company is generally restricted to the particular office of the insurance company he is associated with.
Insurance Consultant –

 By having a team of insurance experts, Consultants by and large have an interface with all levels, including the corporate offices, of insurance companies. Hence, if any of your issues with the insurance company needs to be escalated within the insurance company, the Consultant is in a much better position to do the same on your behalf.

    Online capabilities

Insurance Agent –

By virtue of a low financial outlay, an agent cannot invest hugely into infrastructure, especially IT infrastructure.
Insurance Consultant –

 There are health insurance Consultants who have rightly invested in requisite IT infrastructure facilitating online transactions for you, making your health insurance experience easier and comfortable.

    Interface with TPAs and hospitals

Insurance Agent –

An agent’s reach is generally restricted to his insurance office
Insurance Consultant –

Since they have a team of experts, some Consultants have a thorough understanding of the processes involved with TPAs and hospitals. They also have a strong interface with TPAs and hospitals and are thus able to more effectively present your requirements to them.  

    Value-added services

Insurance Agent –

 An agent can at best provide only health insurance policy related servicesBuy from a Consultant
Insurance Consultant –

Given larger capabilities, some health insurance Consultants offer several related services like health and health insurance education, positive health processes like arranging check-ups, life style modification programs, etc.
Going through a health insurance Consultant is definitely a smarter decision but if your needs are very basic that fits most policy criteria then even an agent would do you just fine.

But if you have complex, very specific needs you should consult a health insurance Consultant.


About Us