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दिल की बीमारी का इलाज तो है पर बहुत खर्चीला है इसीलिए आज ही कवर करें अन्यथा इनका इलाज बहुत महँगा भी पड़ सकता है।

साथ ही सामान्य बीमारियों व दुर्घटना के कारण अस्पताल में होने वाले IPD खर्चों का कैशलेस लाभ पाएँ


आपकी साधारण स्वास्थ बीमा पालिसी इसका खर्च नहीं मिलेगा अगर आपने आवेदन फॉर्म में इसका जिक्र नहीं किया है।

अगर आप नीचे दिए हुए 6 में कोई भी मानदंड में आते हो तो तुरंत संपर्क करो और भविष्य के बड़े नुकसान से बचो।

अगर आपको आज से पहले निम्नलिखित में से कोई भी परेशानी हो चुकी है तो आप भविष्य के लिए यह कवर ले सकते है:

Any one with following conditons can apply for this HEALTH PLAN

  • PTCA (Angioplasty) done within 7 years
  • CABG (bypass) done within 7 years
  • ASD (Atrial Septal Defet or VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect corrected
  • PDA (Patent Ductus Aterious treated
  • IRF ablation done
  • Got angiogram done but no intervention was medically found necessary


The trauma of a heart surgery and the associated financial burden is best known to persons who have undergone one.





All NORAMAL health realted IPD cover.

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Heart attacks on the rise among 30-40-year-olds; Heart disease, stroke among top killers in India

The prevalence of heart disease and stroke has increased by over 50% from 1990 to 2016 in India, with an increase observed in every state. The contribution of these diseases to total deaths and disease burden in the country has almost doubled in the past 25 years.More than half of the total cardiovascular disease deaths in India in 2016 were in people younger than 70 years.

The number of persons with diabetes in India has increased from 2.6 crore in 1990 to 6.5 crore in 2016. Among the risk factors contributing to diabetes in India in 2016, high body mass index (BMI) had the highest impact. The other risk factors included dietary risks, tobacco use, occupational exposure to second-hand smoke, low physical activity, and alcohol use.


Q1. What Are The Benefits Of Diabetes & Cardiac Care Health Plan?

A. There are different benefits you will avail when you buy this insurance policy. Some of them are given below:

  • Covers any complications of diabetes and cardiac from the day one.
  • Provides regular hospitalization insurance cover for all other injuries
  • Covers all pre-hospitalization expenses up to 30 days prior to the date of hospitalization.
  • Also covers post hospitalization expenses up to 60 days after leave the hospital.
  • Free health check-up.
  • Free second opinion for critical illnesses.
  • Free doctor consultation via phone or online chat.
  • Concessions at Diagnostic Labs, Pharmacies and Pathology and Radiology labs.

Q2. Who Can Buy This Insurance Cover?

A. Any person falling in the age group of 18 years to 65 years who is already suffering from the diabetic  or cardiac problems can take this insurance.

Q3. For Whom This Policy Is Designed?

A. This adequate and affordable policy is vital for people with diabetic or cardiac illnesses to assist them access to the required medications, supplies and health care to manage their diabetes and prevent, or treat, complications.

Cardiac care


Age: 10 - 65 years

Criteria: Persons who have undergone a heart surgery (bypass or stenting) for the first time. To get insured, one can enter the policy after 6 months post surgery, but not after 3 years post surgery.

Unique Features:

  •     Coverage for cardiac ailments begin just after 3 months from the inception of the policy
  •     Lifelong renewal of the policy (even after 65 years)
  •     10% co-payment of the claim amount in case the insured person is above 60 years of age
  •     Cardiac Care is an individual health insurance plan, it’s not available as a floater plan
  •     All the insured persons will have to go through a medical screening

Regular Features:

  •     Pre and post hospitalization expenses
  •     Grace period of 30 days
  •     As per section 80D of Income Tax Act, premium paid for this policy is exempted from the   total income


  • 30 days initial waiting period, before which no coverage is given
  • 4 years waiting period for pre-existing diseases (other than cardiac diseases)
  •  2 years waiting period for specific diseases like cataract, hernia, renal stones etc.
  • 90 days waiting period for cardiac related complications
  • Dental treatment
  • Hearing aid/visual care
  • Pregnancy/family planning related expenses
  • Alternative treatment
  • Stem cell therapy
Star Health, the health insurance specialist understands your requirements and offers Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy to keep you smiling always.
Coverage: Any person aged between 10 years and 65 years and who has undergone for the first time PTCA (Stenting) or CABG (By-pass) between 6 months and 3 years prior to the date of policy purchase.
Section 1: In-patient hospitalisation expenses
Covered where the hospitalisation is for a minimum of 24 hours.
101 Day-care treatments covered.
Ambulance charges for emergency transportation to hospital as per specified limits.
Pre-existing diseases covered after 48 months
Lifelong renewals
Section 2: Cardiac ailments covered after 3 months itself
Under Gold Plan, any cardiac related complications necessitating surgery / intervention and also cardiac medical management.
Under Silver Plan, any cardiac related complications necessitating surgery / intervention only.
Pre- Medical screening: All persons proposing for this insurance should undergo pre-acceptance medical screening at the Company nominated centers. Cost of screening is currently borne by the company.
Relief under Sec 80D of IT Act.
Payment of premium by any mode other than cash for this insurance is eligible for relief under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

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When purchasing any mediclaim or health insurance plan always look for following things:

1) Cashless hospital network in your locality (more the hospital the better it is).

2) Quality of hospitals covered under cashless network.

3) Exclusions and waiting period of your health insurance plan.

4) Are there any cappings in your policy.

5) Who will support you in case you need to file any claim in emergency.

6) Do visit your local hospitals listed in your policy to ensure cashless facility is given.

7) Always take your policy from your local advisor, as they are more sensitive towards you and will be helpfull in case of emergencies as compared to any of the customer care desk executive.

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for Cardiac Patients