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Man decking up house electrocuted

A 35-year-old engineer died of electrocution in northeast Delhi's east Gokulpuri on Sunday . He was decorating the house for his father's retirement party and got the electric shock while putting up fancy lights on the terrace. Deepak Kumar was an engineer in Modi Xerox in Gurgaon and was staying with his parents, siblings, wife and two children.

Deepak's father, Ramcharan, had retired as a teacher from a government school. Listening to his screams, family members went upstairs and found him lying unconscious. He was rushed to hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. His family alleged he died due to sparks coming out of a BSES pole just beside the terrace. They claimed to have complained to BSES about it earlier.

A BSES spokesperson said that Deepak had accidentally touched the live part of the pole. “Preliminary investigations indicate that while hanging the decorative lights, Deepak accidentally touched the live part of the pole transformer. Due to illegal construction, the balcony is dangerously close to the pole and the electric cable,“ said the spokesperson. Police said prima facie Deepak died due to his own negligence.

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