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Girl shot at on Gzb B-school campus

Was Not The Target But Came In Firing Line As Shooter Aimed At Old Foe

A 20-year-old management student was struck by a bullet on Wednesday inside a Ghaziabad business school where she had gone to appear for an exam, shocking the bustling campus into silence.
Police said the shooting was the result of a tiff between two boys and Shivangi Agarwal, the girl who was shot, wasn't the target but came in the firing line of the shoo ter. The shot was fired from outl side the campus and was aimed at a boy who was inside, a police officer said.
Shivangi sustained a bullet l injury on her back and was operated upon at a private hospital. Doctors said she was stable after the surgery.
The shooting happened on the campus of Inmantec col lege between 9.50am and 10am in the presence of many students. Shivangi is a secondyear BBA student at IMS college, which is less than 100 metres from the Inmantec campus across Hapur Road in Dasna. IMS had set up an examination centre at Inmantec.Police said she was barely 20 metres inside the campus when the bullet struck her and the shooter had used a crowd of students milling around the Inmantec gates as a cover to take aim and shoot.
Later in the day , the police claimed to have identified the shooter as Navtej, a law student from another college. Navtej had some accomplices, police said, and their target was Abh ishek Singh Sidhu, an IMS student who was also at Inmantec to sit for an exam.

“Navtej had an old enmity with Abhishek and wanted to settle scores with him,“ said Rajkumar Yadav, SHO of Masuri police station. “They had been embroiled in a fight two years ago. Navtej positioned himself at the gate and opened fire. The bullet unfortunately hit Shivangi. He managed to flee in the melee,“ he added.

Shivangi's family rushed to the hospital from Meerut but refused to speak. A police complaint was filed by Inmantec's administrative officer Vinod Kumar Tyagi. An FIR was registered under Section 307 (attempt to murder) of the IPC.

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